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Kaoru Akimoto - Dress Down [ENG] (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

4人 】 You are a Ghost, I am a Ghost 〜劇場のゴースト〜 【Revue Starlight】(Art, Vocals, VA)

Change me - shu-t 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, mix)

ONE NIGHT IN ARABIA 2020 // GROOVE TWINS 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

壊セ壊セ (Break it, break it!) 【soarer】 (Vocals, mix)

【soarer】忘却心中 (Lovers' Suicide in Oblivion) (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー (Luka Luka★Night Fever) 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

[ORIGINAL EUROBEAT] Touge Girl // soarer x Sheerke (Lyrics, vocals)

Pane dhiria 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

ハイハハイニ (Ashes to Ashes) - テンネン 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

ADRENALINE // ACE (soarer cover) (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

BACK ON THE ROCKS // MEGA NRG MAN (soarer cover) (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

REMEMBER ME 2020 // DAVE RODGERS (soarer cover) (Vocals, mix, MV)

A Stranger I Remain - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (soarer cover) (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

BURNING UP FOR YOU // SARA (soarer cover) (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

I WON'T FALL APART // JAGER (soarer cover) (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

Perturbator - Venger (soarer cover) (Vocals, art, mix, MV)


【5人合唱】 きゅん・きゅん・まっくす / kyun kyun MAX 【VOCAL COVER】(Vocals)

RESONANCE - Rightfully (Japanese Cover) | #MoRCBR1 (Vocals, art)

【RESONANCE】ユニバース (Universe)【HBD MIDO!!】 (Vocals)

【HBCB-R1】 よだかの星 / The Nighthawk Star 【E⚝S】 (Vocals, art, tune)

【HBCB-R2】 コネクト / Connect 【E⚝S】 (Vocals, art, tune)

【カゲプロ10周年】 daze 【10人合唱】 (Vocals, tune)

【Kyo & @HessDesu 】 A Whole New World Cover「Aladdin」 (Art)

【機甲猟兵メロウリンクOP】ソルジャーブルー【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

[装甲騎兵ボトムズ ED] いつもあなたが 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

NO ROUTINE - 越田Rute隆人 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, mix, MV)

DANCE with WOLVES (Odyssey ReVibe Mix) 【soarer cover】(Vocals, mix, MV)

Welcome トゥ 混沌(カオス)[ドロヘドロ OP] 🥟【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, MV)

目が逢う瞬間 (Qelaion Eurobeat Remix) 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

ゼンマイ恋時計 (T.E.B. Summer Mix) - はにーぽけっと 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

看板娘の悪巫山戯 / Poster Girl's Prank - Utsu-P 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, mix)

[東方EUROBEAT] No Guardian Angel - Mortimer 【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix)

ジョジョ ~その血の運命~【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix)

[Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team OP] 嵐の中で輝いて【soarer cover】(Vocals, mix)

[HBD!!!] Crazy He Calls Me - Billie Holiday 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

再生 - Perfume 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

[装甲騎兵ボトムズ OP] 炎のさだめ 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, MV)

DEJA VU // DAVE RODGERS 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

【Saki x soarer】 Manic (Vocals)

ONCE UPON A TIME // PAMSY 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

Vocals, art, mix, MV)


🌱 誕生 / Tanjou ♡ 歌ってみた 【32人 × リリサ】 (Vocals)


【#CXCB-A2】 バグ / Bug 【SUMMER SPLASH ! 💦】 (Art)

【 #CXCB-A3 】 Clattanoia 【 SUMMER SPLASH ! 💦 】 (Art)

【soarer】Millennium Anthem (2000 New Years Eve)【vocal cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

RIGHT NOW // DARK ANGELS 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

LADY your EYES [デジタルデビル物語女神転生ED] // 歌ってみた 【soarer】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

CRAZY NOISY BIZARRE TOWN - THE DU 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

NOW OR NEVER | KOFXV Main Theme【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

【エリア88 OP】 How Far To Paradise 【soarer cover】(Vocals, art, mix, MV)

あったかいと - halyosy 【soarer cover】(Vocals)


【18人合唱】Saikai x Yakusoku / 再会 x 約束 / はるまきごはん Mashup 【Happy Birthday リリサ♥️】 (Art, vocals, MV)

🌱 地球をあげる / Chikyuu wo Ageru ♡ 歌ってみた 【36人 × リリサ】 (Vocals)

【ABNC-R0】あの世のANTHEM ~よふかしのうた~ 【RERAOS】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

【soarer】I'm My Own Master Now [Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance cover] (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

FOREVER YOUNG // SYMBOL【soarer cover】 (Vocals, art, mix, MV)

【soarer】生きてるおばけは生きている|歌ってみた (vocal cover) (Vocals, art, mix)

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