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My persona used for youtaite purposes, Soarer-san (Miss Soarer) is a getaway driver for hire. Rough and tumble, she is ready to take on the toughest and dirtiest of jobs.

She expects all her clients to already know her terms and her prices--but one day, when a gentleman thief hopped into her car thinking she was a civilian and demanded she just drive with no destination, she knew her business operations would never be the same...


Soarer-san has medium brown fluffy, curly hair parted to her right and always covers her right eye. She has thick eyebrows with splits on her right. She always has a bandage on the tip of her nose. Her eyes are green.

She wears a red sukajan (souvenir jacket) with gold sleeves over a black turtleneck tanktop tucked into mid rise denim shorts with black tights underneath. Her right sleeve is usually rolled, revealing her bionic arm. She wears dark red ankle boots.

Soarer-san sings the type of music she would want to listen to in her car, Aglio. Singing is her hobby she tells few about, but enjoys putting her music out there.

If you are not comfortable drawing her bionic arm, feel free to cover it with a sleeve/glove--just any way to distinguish it from her other one.

She also sometimes wears a red ribbon. Feel free to include this anywhere within the necessary hairstyle.


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